Welcome to the FeministBlog!

Greetings, feminists and everyone who sympathizes with feminist issues! Speaking here is the technician of the FeministWiki.

As you see, the FeministWiki platform now has a blogging component (or “service”) as well, in addition to all the other services, such as the wiki, forum, e-mail, chat, and file storage.

I’ve added this service not (only) to publish my own thoughts, but especially to provide a safe haven for independent feminist speech and publishing in these times of increasing censorship of certain feminist content, such as criticism of the concept of innate gender identity or the validity of self-declared gender.

As you might have noticed, some prominent blogs or blog posts were deleted from platforms such as WordPress.com and Medium.com over “misgendering” or similar reasons, when they contained very important feminist perspectives and critique of contemporary transgender activism, both in terms of the political goals of the activists and the behavior of some of them.

Authors who can’t or don’t want to bother with self-hosting to avoid these censorship issues are always welcome to publish their content on this FeministBlog instead, where their content will be safe so long as it doesn’t obviously breach core feminist principles.

To clarify, the goal of the whole FeministWiki platform, and what type of feminism the platform is meant for, is explained on the main page: https://feministwiki.org/

Note that so far there are no authority figures or concrete rules on the FeministWiki and its services. I, the technician, am solely responsible for the technical side of things, and add members rather liberally, so long as they seem to sympathize with classic feminist principles. The added members can also add as many further members as they wish. In the future, we might establish democratic processes, build an informal meritocracy, elect authority figures, or just embrace anarchy. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues that make concrete rules or authority figures necessary anyway!

I hope that as many feminists and like-minded authors as possible will choose to publish their content here, which surely would be a big help to increase the popularity of the whole platform as well. As it stands, there is quite a bit of work behind the technical side of things, but not many active users of the provided services.

Thank you for reading, and contact me at admin(@)feministwiki.org for questions and comments any time. I will try to respond swiftly.